Fincon Group: Diversified Business Solutions

Fincon Group is a leading Nigerian conglomerate offering innovative solutions across finance, commodities, agriculture, and energy sectors.

Who we Are

Fincon Group is a leading Nigerian conglomerate offering innovative solutions across finance, commodities, agriculture, and energy sectors. Established in 1985, the group has grown to become a diversified, multinational corporation with a strong presence in West Africa.

With a focus on sustainable growth and social impact, Fincon Group leverages its expertise and resources to deliver value to its customers, partners, and communities. Our diversified portfolio includes Fincon Energy, Fincon Capital Partners, Fincon Commodities Trading, and Fincon Electric Industries - all working together to drive progress and prosperity.

At the core of Fincon Group's success are our experienced leadership, commitment to excellence, and dedication to creating a better future. We are proud to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering businesses and communities through our innovative solutions and unwavering principles.

Fincon Group

Our Core Values

At Fincon Group, our core values define who we are and guide our actions. They reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity in all that we do. Discover the principles that drive our success and inspire our team.


We shall be passionate about our business by constantly developing ourselves and staying attuned to the latest developments in our industry and local market.


We shall be known for innovative solutions and products, planning, designing, and deploying exceptional solutions and services for our clients.


We shall uphold integrity with our clients, ensuring we keep our promises. We will say what we mean and mean what we say.


We shall exhibit the highest level of professionalism, building capacity in our people to deliver quality services to our clientele.


We shall provide excellent and top-notch solutions and services, creating lasting values and measurable results for our clients.

Our Subsidiaries

Fincon Group is the parent company for a number of corporate entities within the group, with each corporate entity catering to a specific line of business in synergy with the overall group corporate vision and mission of the Fincon Group.

Fincon Capital Partners

Fincon Capital Partners Limited, the investment arm of Fincon Group, manages a diverse portfolio across real estate, agriculture, construction, hospitality, and entertainment. It also provides financing for other subsidiaries.

Fincon Commodities Trading Ltd

Fincon Commodities Trading Limited focuses on commodity trading, agriculture, and logistics. It deals with the export of agricultural produce and mineral resources, and the import of raw materials, inputs, and steel products.

Fincon Farms Development Company Ltd

Fincon Farms Development Company Limited engages in food and cash crops cultivation and exportation. It has acquired significant land for farming in Oyo and Niger states to drive backward integration.

Fincon Electric Industries Ltd

Fincon Electric Industries Limited operates across the electric energy value chain, focusing on smart meter manufacturing, transmission, and renewable energy solutions, aiming to be a leading service provider in the power sector.

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